Web-Hopping Vol.1

Welcome to the first edition of Web-Hopping! I spend a lot of time scanning the web for recipes and food news. I love blogging about what I find, but I simply can’t cover everything in-depth. So: meet Web-Hopping! Every week I’ll share my newest food-related finds, whether that’s recipes, gadgets, or trends. Whatever piques my interest online, with some in-real-life mentions thrown in there, too. And without further ado: here comes Vol. 1!

My list skews a bit cake-y this week. I blame it the slice of cake I eyed, but didn’t purchase after a marvelous brunch last Sunday (bakery review coming soon). Guess I’ll need to get a good slice of cake this weekend!

Lamingtons pictured on the Food52 blog

Lamington Cakes: I’d never heard of Lamingtons until I saw them on Food52, which cites them as an Australian specialty. And now I simply must try some! Think a cake sandwich with a jam filling, enrobed in chocolate and topped with shredded coconut. Yum.

Cocoa Powder 411: I turn to Sally’s Baking Addiction for both recipes, and baking tips. Her recent post comparing types of cocoa powder was super helpful – especially since I wanted to bake brownies and didn’t have Dutch Process cocoa on hand!

Scoop n Cut Cookie Tool: If I ever win the lottery, I’m filling my kitchen with every imaginable kitchen gadget, from cookie slicers to cherry pitters (I already have one of those banana slicers, aren’t you jealous?). I saw this cookie tool pop up on Baking Bites this week. I actually prefer my cookies not uniform, so I don’t use a dough scooper. But I could use a dough slicer…

Honey Lemon Cupcakes from Gimme Some Oven

Honey Lemon Cupcakes with Honey Cream Cheese Frosting:I love unusual cake combinations, so this recipe from Gimme Some Oven immediately caught my eye. Sounds light and refreshing, with a nice bit of flair.

Basil Mascarpone Buttercream: I am obsessed with the blog My Name is Yeh. Unique recipes, beautiful photos, plus her writing style is very endearing. Molly posts a lot of great cake recipes- I made her Cardamom Vanilla Cake for my birthday earlier this year. This particular chocolate cake recipe caught my eye because of its buttercream. I love herbs in desserts, and I love mascarpone in desserts, so how could this not be amazing? It has floated high on my “to bake” list!