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A San Francisco treat

Welcome to Sugarsmith! You’ll find all kinds of deliciousness here, from bakery taste tests to my own baking experiments. Whether it’s the basil-infused cake I made for a company contest or my favorite local bakery, I’m excited to share my favorite treats with you.

A bit about my non-baking life: I spend my days working as a business writer and content strategist in the beautiful city of San Francisco. I think about dessert a lot—but I like writing about other things, too. Check out my other blog to see what else is on mind.

Have a recipe you want to see me tackle, or a bakery you think I should try? Email me at culturecookies@gmail.com and I’ll happily add your ideas to my mouthwatering to-do lists. You can find me on Twitter and Pinterest*, too.

Happy baking!


*I should probably disclose that I work for Pinterest. But, they don’t sponsor this blog…anything I say about Pinterest comes from my 100% real love for the app!

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