Web-Hopping vol. 20

I love all the fun crafty baked goods popping up for Easter. It’s a holiday that lends itself well to cute: bunnies, a fun color scheme, cute little chicks. I’ve been considering trying out some Robin’s Eggs in cookies or brownies, too- so send me a recipe if you have one!

I didn’t get to bake anything this week, but here are some delicious things I found around the web.


From Landeesee, Landeedo

Sprinkledoodles on a Stick: Now this one, I think I can do. How cute is this? Super fun sprinkled cookies get even cuter on a stick. I’m already scheming ways to make these fit into my world… maybe these would be great for a birthday?

Blackberry Lavender Chevre Ice Cream: I never let myself buy an ice cream maker, as tempting as it is. But I would really like someone else to make this for me!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups: I love this idea of making cookie “cups” by pressing dough on the bottom of a muffin tin. They’d be great for ice cream like in the blog post, but probably also delicious with things like mousse, etc.

Carrot Apple Bread: Love this combo! I’ve made carrot bread, I’ve made apple bread, but never put the two together.


From Tablespoon.com

Peeps Cupcake Surprise: This is one of my favorite Easter crafty desserts I’ve seen so far. Robin’s Eggs hide inside a cupcake, presenting a nice surprise when you bite in. And we all know how much I love baked goods with other things inside them!

Parsnip, Maple and Nutmeg Cake: This falls under the “intriguing” ingredient category for me. I sort of understand how it might taste, but not entirely- so it was added into my baking list. Which brings it up to 85 cakes/cupcakes on my list. I better get baking!



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