Web-Hopping vol. 19

It’s a very rainy weekend here in San Francisco. I’ve had visitors, which usually means lots of time outside… but we didn’t want to wander around in rain. So instead we took advantage of some of the city’s great museums, hit up a lovely wine bar in my neighborhood and took advantage of not-so-crowded restaurants to spend hours at the table during meals. It’s been lovely, despite the dreary skies and sort of icky weather. It’s supposed to rain for another ten days, actually….  and when it’s cold it’s the perfect excuse to turn on the oven, right? I plan to bake Sunday night, and already have another recipe ready to post later this week too- so stay tuned to find out what I’m up to!

Now… on to this week’s delicious web finds.


From Taste of Beirut

Olive roll: A colleague found an Instagram photo of this recipe while doing an audit for one of my projects. It looked so good, I Googled for the recipe based on the photo’s hashtags!

Donut socks: I already sent these to 1 friend who has to own them. Rather silly, but also quite cute.

Banana chocolate chip blondies: I LOVE this idea! I’m a huge fan of banana chocolate chip muffins and I am a huge fan of blondies so this feels like a rather stellar idea. I’ve been baking a lot with bananas recently and I think this recipe just crept to the top of my banana list.


From Eat the Love

Salty snack brookies: What a treat. A “brookie” is already a combo brownie/cookie, and then this recipe takes it to another level with salty add-ins like potato chips. I can’t wait to try this for a party.

Olive oil blondies with chocolate frosting: I’m very into the flavor and depth olive oil gives baked goods so these caught my eye the other day. They’re pretty simple but I bet you the flavor combo is a winner.

Carrot and chickpea pancakes: Now this is an intriguing recipe. I like this combo in general, and I like savory pancakes, so this feels promising.



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