Web-Hopping vol. 17

Last week’s web-hopping became an “IRL” edition with my baking ideas inspired by the Specialty Food Association’s trade show. This week we’re back to the Web! Sometimes I think I should stop adding links to my baking list, since I already have over 300 recipes on there. But then I go online and start clicking around and so many recipes catch my eye, I just have to add them to the list. If only I could make more than 1 recipe a week…

This week brings us a mix of baked goods, candy, and cauliflower. Enjoy!


Picture from Farm Fresh to You

Grated Apple Cookies: It may not be “official” apple season but luckily apples are easy to snag year-round. I love the idea of fresh apples mixing with spices to create a delicious treat, and this recipe looks super easy.

Rolo Cupcakes: These chocolate cupcakes have a surprise salted caramel center. Anytime something has a surprise salted caramel center, I am interested.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Revel Bars: This recipe uses 2 types of oats and peanut butter to make a crumbly dough that sandwiches a layer of chocolate. A.k.a. it sounds like heaven. And I happen to have a lot of chocolate that melted, then resolidified, and I want to melt it again… so these have to happen.


From Bon Appetit

Parmesan-Roasted Cauliflower: This may be the most beautiful picture of cauliflower I’ve ever seen. I love how simple cauliflower dishes impart such flavor. My boyfriend and I have a habit of ordering roasted cauliflower appetizers or sides, so we want to try this home recipe soon.

Popin Cookin Candy making kit: This has to be one of the coolest food kits I’ve seen- depending on how you mix the ingredients, it produces different kinds of candy.



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