Web-Hopping vol. 15

Welcome to the final round-up of 2015! I hope everyone had a nice week this past week, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. I got a day off from work, and spent a good chunk of it baking up new recipes- more details to come in 2016!

10636782_10100907719464742_93744108974496804_oMy week started off on a lovely baking note, too, because I got a prize in the mail from Rodelle. I’d won a blog raffle via Baking Bites, and am now the proud owner of Rodelle spices and extracts. I started scheming the minute I got them, and they’re definitely going to good use soon. Baking Bites is one of my favorite baking blogs, by the way- you’ve probably seen it pop-up in these posts from time to time. not just because of the awesome recipes, but its author Nicole also does great product reviews and really helpful technique posts, too. Super useful information for bakers of all levels so it’s good reading for all of us.

Now, on to this week’s links:

Marla Bakery’s New Location: One of my favorite SF brunch spots has opened a 2nd location over in the esteemed Ferry Building marketplace. I actually love going to Marla’s full restaurant, and reviewed it a bit ago. Still, it’s rather out of my way- so I’m excited to have closer access to their excellent breads, pastries and meals!


Blueberry Thyme Pie Bars from Floating Kitchen

Blueberry Thyme Pie Bars: These bars look beautiful and it’s a flavor combination I simply can’t resist. I love throwing herbs in desserts and this sure sounds promising. (More on herb-filled desserts soon: that was part of my baking experimentation over Christmas!)

Nutella-Stuffed Gingersnaps: I discovered these playing on the Rodelle site and I am 100% on board. I firmly believe gingerbread season extends into January so I expect to make these soon.


Gooey Nutella Condensed Milk Bars from Butter Baking

Gooey Nutella Condensed Milk Bars: Condensed milk takes cookie bars to a whole new level.

Chocolate Chinese 5-Spice Cookies: Another interesting flavor combination, and since I’m a sucker for throwing “unique” spice combos into cookies, I’ll have to try it out.

Ginger Citrus Cookies: These just sound refreshing- and almost healthy somehow?

Pesto, Sundried Tomato, Kalamata Olive Braided Bread: This link offers up tons of variations on twisted braids- lots of flavor combos to pick from. But I am particularly interested in the Pesto, Sundried Tomato and Kalamata Olive variety since those are some of my favorite kinds of bread on their own.



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