Web-Hopping vol. 13

This was a rather odd week for me. I spent most of it in Brazil- Sao Paulo, to be exact. Then it was back to the Bay Area on Saturday, just in time to co-host a cookie swap with some friends on Sunday.

So it was an odd week food-wise, too. While in Brazil I enjoyed some delicious treats, and I’ll write a recap of that soon. Back in San Francisco, I quickly whipped up a couple recipes to share with friends: one was the Pumpkin Spice Cookie Butter Blondies I’ve shared here, and the second was a pistachio shortbread I’ll be posting soon. My friends brought a lot of great cookies too, so I now have even more recipes to try out on my own.

Here are this week’s lip-smacking links:


wandering a Brazilian grocery store

National Cookie Day: I read Friday was National Cookie Day in the US, which is a holiday I totally support. So I made sure to research the local packaged cookie options in Brazil as part of my holiday observation. I bought a pack of local sandwich cookies: vanilla cookies with chocolate filling. They were pretty good but the best part was definitely the cute faces inked onto either side of the cookie!

Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies: My friend Mimi brought these to the weekend’s Cookie Swap and I had to get the recipe.

Guava paste: I had an amazing ice cream sundae at the Sao Paulo airport, which was totally unexpected. I basically just needed somewhere to sit before the check-in counter opened and decided to enjoy some ice cream. This ended up being an amazing choice, because it came with delectable guava paste as a topping, along with mascarpone. I consider my ice cream game changed forever, and now need to try some of these guava paste-based recipes.


from Smitten Kitchen

Pull Apart Rugelach:This is a genius take on rugelach- making it more slice and bake, and much easier to make.

Frostbitten Raspberry Cake: Mascarpone, raspberry compote, and liqueur-soaked sponge layers? I am so there.





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