Web-Hopping Vol. 4

This week sure flew right on by, didn’t it? For me it was a whirlwind of focus groups, trying to get somewhat unpacked in my new apartment and planning for a couple of fun upcoming weekends. Of course, I also bookmarked about 100 new recipes to make (maybe a slight exaggeration) and did some baking reading around the web. I haven’t gotten settled in enough to start baking at the new place but I sure can’t wait. ‘Til then- the links!

This is apparently what falafel waffles look like. Via Veggie Desserts

Falafel Waffles: I love falafel and I love waffles so how could this recipe not be amazing? I’ve actually made Hummus Waffles before, much to my friends’ confusion- and then sheer delight. I have a strong feeling this recipe will rock.

The New Sugar and Spice: I love trying uncommon spices in my baked goods and have been happily eating my way through San Francisco bakers’ experiments with things like curry and saffron. I noticed this new cookbook reviewed on Baking Bites and immediately added it to my reading list.


Baking School: No, I didn’t sign up for real pastry school. But I noticed The Kitchn is hosting an email-based “baking school” series and figured I’d give it a look. Always good to learn new tricks!

Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookie Butter: Trader Joe’s now sells Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookie Butter. I stumbled upon it when I was perusing a blog called “What’s Good at Trader Joe’s,” as one does on a Saturday evening when you have absolutely nothing in your fridge. And then I went to Trader Joe’s an hour later and made sure to snag a jar. I already know exactly what I’m going to bake with it… stay tuned!

Goose’s Feet Cookies: I recently subscribed to a blog called Peter’s Food Adventures, and this cookie recipe caught my eye this week. I mean, with a title like Goose’s Feet Cookies, how could it not catch your eye? Turns out these are little sugary pillows made with farmer’s cheese. I love cheese in baked goods, so I’m in!



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