Web-Hopping Vol. 3

I got a promotional email this week declaring it “Baking Season.” I realize people say this about the fall-winter period because of all the holidays but personally I think every season is baking season. Still, the good thing about this whole seasonal marketing schtick is that it brings lots of coupons. Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas yield great deals on pumpkin, baking chips, spices and things like molasses. I look at my grocery chain’s digital coupons and also sometimes check for manufacturer’s coupons to throw on top of that. It’s like a pantry-loader’s dream!

And this, dear readers, has been your PSA to get deals on your baking ingredients. I’ll write more about that another time- now on to the weekly links!

Apple Cinnamon Blondies on Bakerita

Cardamom Butter CookiesI love cardamom in my baked goods and this Cardamom cookie recipe looks super easy. It’s from the Land of Lakes website and lacks reviews but I think I’ll still give it a shot.

Apple Cinnamon BlondiesThese Apple Cinnamon Blondies from Bakerita caught my eye on Pinterest this week. I’m one of the few people who does not go crazy for pie, but I love apples and cinnamon together so I absolutely need to try these.

Getting over a fear of baking: I really liked this article from The Kitchen aimed at easing would-be bakers into honing their baking chops. I have some more simple tips for bakers on this site, too.

A shot of the Campfire Love cookie from Cookie Love’s website

Newfound cookies in San FranciscoI stumbled upon a great cookie store in San Francisco over the weekend. Cookie Love sells a dazzling array of cookies, plus ice cream. My boyfriend and I split their take on S’Mores, called the “Campfire Love.” I’ve mentioned my love of all things S’Mores, and this cookie did not disappoint. The marshmallow was toasted just right on top of a great chocolate chip cookie base. We’ll be back!

In search of kitchen organization: I moved recently, and my new kitchen is much smaller than the old one so I’ve been on a hunt for the best kitchen storage and organizational tips. I liked this website a bunch, and have filed tons of ideas away. When I’m done organizing I’ll write a post about the best tricks I found- and I’m definitely open to your ideas!

Have a fantastic week!



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