City Bakery, NYC

I keep a running list of bakeries I want to try, both in San Francisco and further afield. Since I travel for work I can never predict exactly where I’ll end up a given year. So I figure I might as well keep track of places I want to try, hope that I get the chance someday.

City Bakery in NYC’s Flatiron neighborhood has been on my list for quite some time. It was recommended by my colleagues in NYC. They raved on and on about the delectable pretzel croissants and rich hot chocolate. It’s been on my radar over the past several years, but I never managed to check it out until a couple weeks ago. I was off to Connecticut for a friend’s wedding and decided to stop by NYC for 24 hours along the way. It was a wonderful 24 hours, packed with so many dear friends and so many tasty things. I started my day with breakfast at City Bakery. And I’m really, really glad I did.

DSCN2290I ordered a couple pastries, because who knows when I’ll be back in that neck of the woods? Trust me, it was hard to keep my pastry count down to 2 – I wanted to try everything in the case! The esteemed pretzel croissant made it into my bag, as did a “Baker’s Muffin.” I also got a cup of the steaming hot chocolate, and a chocolate bar to share with my boyfriend back in SF.

Everything was wonderful. The pretzel was salty and buttery, with a great flake to the top and a perfectly soft interior. It was pretty rich, and really satisfying. The Baker’s Muffin was a fun discovery, since I hadn’t seen something like that before. It was essentially monkey bread baked into a muffin tin, with pieces of fruit studded throughout. And that drinking chocolate – wow. I am a huge fan of sipping and drinking chocolates, which are much thicker and richer than the hot chocolate we tend to be served at cafes. This chocolate was wonderful, but even I couldn’t finish the entire cup! Next time I suppose I’ll need to bring a friend along to split it with me.

I am so glad I prioritized City Bakery on this NYC visit. And what’s the priority for my next NYC trip? Dominique Ansel’s new bakery takes top billing, followed by a trip to the Upper West Side to get a dose of Levain Bakery‘s incredible chocolate chip cookies – it’s been too long!


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