Let the Baking Begin


A baking lesson with my mom, 6th grade

I’ve always seen something special in baked goods. My family didn’t eat dessert often when I was younger but when we did get dessert, we made the most of it. Family vacations were punctuated by sweets: cookies at Disneyland, ice cream in Canada, pancakes in San Francisco. Even more important were the baked goods my mom made for us at home. I was treated to homemade birthday cake, Thanksgiving quick breads and cookies every New Year’s Day. Sweet treats became associated with family, comfort and love – especially those homemade baked goods.

When it came time to learn a “new skill” for a 6th grade project, my mom suggested she teach me how to bake. It took many more years for baking to evolve from an occasional hobby into a passion. These days, baking is one of my favorite ways to spend my time.

Baking in my apartment kitchen earlier this year

Baking in my kitchen earlier this year

Since I’m an equal opportunity eater, I love to try other people’s creations, too. I have a “to eat” list that spans everything from macarons to milkshakes. It partners nicely with my “to bake’ list, which seems to only grow longer, no matter how many lines I cross off.

This blog is going to chronicle a mix of my own baking, and the things I try when I visit bakeries and ice cream stores. I hope you enjoy the sweet, sweet journey – I’m excited to have you along for the ride!



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